All story - All action - No rest - No dice


About us

Francis de Vries is the GM and editor of the podcast. He is joined by his friends; Lorna, Michael, Thomas, and Jeremy.

We get together online and play a quick game with the time we have. We normally play for about three to four hours, but that boils down to about an hour of usable material. Our microphones may not be top of of the line, but we have a blast, and we hope that it's something interesting to listen to.

What I want to create is a tabletop podcast that's focused on the story, not the players.

I love tabletop games, but sometimes I just want to hear the story, not the mechanics behind it. I don't want to know what the attack modifier is, or what was number was rolled.
So I've edited our session to just include the characters, and no OOC, and a few environment and sound effects as well.

I hope it's something you can enjoy.