Project Drunkards & Flagons


About the game

I don't like giving my projects a name until they're complete, so far now, it's Project Drunkards & Flagons.

It's a board game. Its core is a RPG style dungeon dive, but with a drinking mechanic. When you play, you are physically involved in the game. Each spell you cast will drain your focus. Every hit you take is a blow to your body.

Players choose one of nine heroes, each a classic RPG archetype. They brave the depths of a cavern, fighting monsters and avoiding traps, to prove themselves as the greatest adventurer.

To win, a hero must craft a trophy in depths of the cave from the bones of the monsters lurking around. But beware, other heroes don't want you to succeed, and some may find it easier to attack you for bones you've collected. The first to make it out of the cave with an intact trophy, wins the challenge.

How does the Drinking work?

The drinking mechanic isn't tied directly to other mechanics of the game. If someone wants to play without drinking, they can. If someone is significantly more tolerant to alcohol, the only advantage they will get is a clearer head when planning, not unlimited power to cast every spell (this happened in early alpha tests, it didn't end well).

Spell are counted in Mana Points, and damage is counted in Health Points. One point is equal to 30mls, or one ‘shot’ of a premixed drink. We encourage players to drink responsibly, and to choose a drink with an alcohol content they are comfortable with.

As the game goes on, the challenges get tougher and the other heroes get stronger; the amount of drinks you take will increase. This is the physical manifestation of the game on your real body. Adventuring isn't easy.

Walk me through an average game

You pick one of nine characters; The physical Berserker, Duelist, or Assassin; The utility Treasure Hunter, Bard, or Druid; The magical Seeress, Sorcerer, or Warlock.

The goal is to move down the board, towards the ‘depths’ of the cave. The board is an open hex-grid style, so tactically movement and positioning is encouraged. Bone fragments are collected from defeating monsters and evading traps (as well as stealing from other players). The deeper into the cavern you go, the more the challenges and rewards increase. Bone fragments can be crafted into weapons and equipment. It will help to defeat those tougher monsters, and protect you from the other heroes.

A hero's turn consists of three Steps; the Ready step, the Movement step, and the Encounter step. In these you will activate unique character abilities, move around the board, cast spells, encounter monsters or traps, and of course, interact with other players.

The goal is to collect enough bone fragments from within the cavern to be able to craft a trophy, which can only be done at an altar in the very depths. The winner is the first hero to leave the cavern with a trophy.

Want to get involved in the Beta test?

Fantastic! Shoot us an email on our contact page, and we’ll get in touch. We have a print template you can use to quickly get the game out.

Is there a release date planned?

Not at this stage, we've just entered open beta testing, but we will be launching a Kickstarter for the release. Stay updated, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.