Our intro sound and outro music is created by Lachie.

Lachie has a decorated performance history with festivals, national and international support positions in many notable venues across the state and overseas. He worked alongside the Victorian Youth Symphony Orchestra for their concert series “Battlefronts” where he arranged and performed songs from Rising Sons with the Orchestra. Listen here on YouTube.

In 2015 Lachie released Rising Sons at the Torquay Dawn Service on ANZAC Day. Rising Sons is a commemorative concept album in honour of those who served for the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landings.

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I use Syrinscape in the editing stage to create the soundscapes and sound effects I want for the story.

I had already been a fan of Synrinscape for my regular DMing, and now I have an excuse to use it even more. I strongly recommend it for anyone playing any tabletop game, fantasy or Sci-Fi, it’s just brilliant. Easy to use and adds so much more than any music playlist ever could.

Check them out here. Because Epic games need Epic game sounds.

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